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How to Bring (More) Money Home with Customer Projects

How to Bring (More) Money Home with Customer Projects 2022

An interactive virtual training course covering topics for Project Mangers in Customer (-facing) projects must meet stricter requirements than their colleagues in internal projects. An internal project is a cost center for the performing organization. A customer project is a profit center performed by a contractor organization for a paying customer. Of course, the project manager must ensure the happiness of this customer but is also responsible for the project’s profitability. A third requirement is protecting the contractor’s liquidity: Contractors commonly lay out money for the customer, and cash-flow uncertainties amplify these project’s risks. And there is another challenge: Project Business is high-risk business. Project managers must understand the specific challenges of a customer project and respond to them professionally, serving the customer and the contractor.

Key Topics

The Basics
Cross-corporate Project Management
Opportunities for Improvement in Project Business
Increasing the Margins Made by Project Contractors

Course Objective

Managing a project as a profit center
Standing out as a “success manager” for both customer and contractor
Mastering an authoritative glossary for project business terminology
Understanding of processes, roles, and responsibilities
Understanding the impact of the project contract
Managing the project as an integrated business from the first contact with the customer over business development and contractual performance to contract close-out
Applying Benefit Engineering to improve the project’s profitability.

Who Should Attend

The seminar has been developed for:
Project managers in customer projects
Account managers and other salespeople in project Business
Business developers

It is also beneficial for

PMO and CoE staff overseeing customer projects
Contractor-side sponsors
Supervisors of customer projects
Portfolio managers
Contractor-side corporate counsels

Benefits of Attending

Global Recognition
Financial Well Being
Advanced skills and knowledge
Market Recognition and Job opportunities
Claimable for the continuation of a credential status at PMI® (PMP® and others): 12
Domain: “Business acumen”
Greater Responsibility
Challenging Projects


Nov 28 2022 - Dec 01 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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